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Project Manager | Frontend Developer | Personal Blogger

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Hi I'm Natasha,

I'm currently working for a digital agency as a frontend developer and now looking to for my next role where I remain in the digital world but also return to my passion of managing agile projects and programmes.

Having both a project management and a developer background means I'm equipped with the core skill to lead teams to work together so they achieve their best work.

I have experience in leading projects from initial briefing to implementation, with direct responsibility for the day to day management of processes and managing requirements.

Im excited to continue my journey in project management working for an exciting company and continue learning new skills as a developer in my spare time.

When I am not coding, I'm a mum to my daughter Ava. I'm currently working on my goal to get back into my fitness training and set my self a challenge to become stronger. I've been working on growing a personal blogging platform over social media so I can share my interest in beauty and skincare.

What have I worked on


2 Years experience

In 2018 I graduated from a web development immersive twelve weeks course, where I learnt how to code using the latest developers frameworks and libraries to create exciting projects. Following this course I moved into a couple of development roles primarily working in the front-end using frameworks and languages such as React.

MMT Digital

Apr 19-Present

Front-end Developer

Kano Computing

Nov 18-Apr 19

Full Stack Developer

JavaScript, Python, Elm, CSS3, SASS, HTML

React.js, TypeScript, AngularJS, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js

Project Manager

5 Years experience

Following completing my university degree I started my career working on projects building 10 years of experience, I started working as a Project support role/ Programme Management Officer role working my way up to managing my own projects.


Nov 16-Sept 17

Business Project Manager

M&G Investment

Sept 12-Oct 16

Project Manager

Ms Office, Ms Project, JIRA, Visio, Planview


General Assembly London

Apr 18-Jul 18

Web Development Immersive Course

University of Wolverhampton


BA Hons Business Management

Professional Qualification

Change Management



Scrum Master



Princes 2



My Work

Designer Marketplace



JavaScript React Express Node.js MongoDB HTML5 SASS

Designer Marketplace is a luxury resale e-commerce app which allows users to register and login to buy or sell pre-owned clothes.
Built a fully Authenticated RESTful MERN application using React, Express, Node.js, MongoDB/Mongoose, Strip and FileStack API.

What's in your fridge?



JavaScript AngularJS Express Node.js MongoDB HTML5 SASS

Collaborated as part of a team to create a RESTful application using third party API Spoonacular.
The team worked collaboratively by pair programming as well as focused on sections independently.
We developed this app using a third party API called Spoonacular to allow users to filter recipes by ingredients in their fridge.

Hair Stylist



jQuery JavaScript Express Node.js MongoDB HTML5 SASS

Hairstylist app is a platform for hairdressers to showcase their portfolio of work and allow the public to access information about the hairdresser and the salon they work from.
I successfully implemented API Google maps to show geographical location of the salon and used Flickity to display a selection of the pictures.
This website was my first express application, it allowed me to explore my creativity and focus on establishing the fundamentals of building an app.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze



jQuery JavaScript HTML5 CSS3

Developed a grid maze game based on the theme 'Tom and Jerry', a children's cult classic cartoon from the 1940s. Designed as a one player game which you use the arrow keys to control Jerry avoiding Tom, his alley friend Butch and mousetraps. Pick up all the cheese you win the game.
This game was built as my first project for General Assembly's Web Immersive Programme.